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Unique Subscription Services You Need To Try Right Now

These days, there’s a subscription box for everything and everyone. By now, you may have heard of some of the more popular subscription services: Birchbox, a beauty subscription box; Scentbird, a perfume subscription box; and Blue Apron, a subscription box for foodies.

The rise of the subscription services
But what you may not know is that there are hundreds more subscription services floating just beneath the radar. Why are these so popular? Because it’s easier than ever to launch a subscription service in today’s ecommerce world. There are plenty on subscription starter guides on the Web, and you can use platforms like WordPress to market new subscription services quickly.

Some of the best boxes haven’t reached mass-market success (yet) but have plenty to offer, and dedicated audiences committed to their products. So whether you’re a wine lover or a travel enthusiast – and everything in between – you should check out some of these unique subscription services.

Carnivore Club

If you love meats and artisan foods, Carnivore Club is a great option for you. There are two types of boxes: the Classic and the Snack Box. Depending on what package you choose, you’ll get anywhere from 4-6 different types of jerkies or charcuterie items. The purpose of the box is to allow customers to sample artisan meats from vendors around the world, opening up your palate to new possibilities. This is a particularly great box for foodies who love to travel and want to get a bit of the world from the comfort of their own home.

Subscription box for music lovers

Record of the Month

For the nostalgic music-lover, the Record of the Month subscription box is the perfect indulgence (or gift). Each month, you’ll get a limited edition vinyl record from great artists like Fiona Apple, Queen Latifah, James Booker, Arctic Monkeys, and much more. In addition to the special edition record, you’ll get special access to the Record of the Month online store and a weekly newsletter with the latest news in all things music.

Finders Seekers

Are you someone who watches all the murder documentaries, suspense series, and thriller movies on Netflix? If you enjoy the thrill of the cold case, the Finders Seekers box is sure to impress. Each box presents a different mystery for you to solve, each taking place in a different city. Decode messages, solves puzzles, and unravel clues. In the end, you get the satisfaction of solving your own mystery, and even the chance to win some prizes.

There’s a reason why Finders Seekers has almost entirely 5-star reviews. It’s not only great for mystery lovers, but for travel enthusiasts, too. As each mystery takes place in a new city, it also exemplifies that city’s particular culture in the mystery. Additionally, the box is family friendly, so there aren’t any murders or stories that won’t be good for children.


For many, there’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. And for those who enjoy the great outdoors, there’s Cairn. Each box includes a few outdoor products and snacks. The box costs just under $30 per month, and always has a retail value of at least $50. Alternatively, you can receive more premium products on a quarterly basis. In the quarterly box, you’ll get 5-10 premium products valued at $350 retail. For both boxes, expect apparel, gear, energy snacks, skin care products, and emergency kits.

They also have a program called “Gear Up Give Back,” where they’ll send you bag to fill up with your old traveling gear and will assess its value and match the amount in a donation to the Conservation Alliance.


If you have a cat, then you probably can relate to all the cat lovers who want the best for their furry little animals. The KitNipBox ensures your cat is never bored, and that you’re constantly discovering new items that your cat enjoys most. Each box includes toys, treats, and other fun little gifts that your cat will have fun playing with.


The Accio! box is for hardcore fans of Harry Potter—or wizarding and witchery in general. Begin your subscription box journey by selecting one of the four Harry Potter houses. Your box will be custom-tailored to your decision. Choose from different sized-boxes, and you’ll get monthly treats, like mugs, bath bombs, body care items, collectibles, home decor cookies, and more.

Subscription services for food and wine lovers


This wine subscription service is perfect for wine lovers. Each Winc box has four bottles of wine—affectionately referred to as a party in a box—of varying retail price points and flavors. Each bottle is around $13. You can choose your wines from a catalog of over 100 curated wines, or fill out a questionnaire describing your tastes and preferences, and let the company tailor their preferences to your answers.

Because each item is priced individually, it isn’t as traditional as some of the others on this list, but it still qualifies as a great subscription service. What makes it most appealing is that it gives wine enthusiasts a chance to stray from what they usually drink and try brands and aromas outside their comfort zone.

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